2022 Band Night at Angel Stadium

Saturday April 9, 2022


Come join us as the Tiger Regiment will be performing the national anthem with band students from all over Southern California. Then stick around and watch the Angels play against the Houston Astros.

Tickets are only $20 per person! Each student will need their own ticket, but be sure to invite your family and friends to go with you!

Get your flyer from the band room or click the image below to download a copy

Band Night Timeline

3:00pm – Call time at the band room, load buses (all students will ride the bus to the stadium)
3:30pm – Depart VHS
3:45pm – Arrive at Stadium
4:00pm-5:00pm – Mass Band Rehearsal
5:00pm-5:15pm – Explanation of entering on/off the field
5:15pm-5:45pm – Students line up to take the field
5:55pm – Students Perform
6:07pm – First pitch

Arrival time back at the band room will depend on the length of the game. We anticipate it will be around 9PM with a return to VHS around 9:30PM.

Students not needing transportation can leave the game with their families at any time after the performance. However, you must inform Mr. King that you are leaving before you can go.

PLEASE NOTE for Parents who plan to pick up their students early:

You will need to pay for parking when you arrive (it’s $10 per vehicle). However, explain to the parking attendant that you are just picking up and they should direct you on how you can get reimbursed upon leaving. Also note that they are cashless at the moment, so be prepared to use your credit card for payment. They also recommend that you enter off Douglas Ave and park close to the rehearsal area by Gate 7.

All performers will meet in designated rehearsal area near Gate 6

Important Notes:

  • All students need to ride the bus to the stadium in order to ensure they arrive at the same time for warm ups.
  • Performers need to wear their school t-shirt, and jeans.
  • No backpacks, purses, or personal items (other than game tickets and instruments) are allowed onto the field during the performance of the National Anthem.
  • Instrument cases need to be stored in bus or car.
  • Once they finish performing, they will return to the bus/cars to put their instruments away.
  • We will distribute the student’s tickets to them at that time and enter the game from Gate 6
  • Give your student cash for dinner at the stadium


Get your flyer from the band room or click the image below to download a copy