August 10, 2022

Band Camp – August 15-26

There’s a lot to cover for Band Camp. So sit back, relax, and read on…

First…the basics

Band Camp is MANDATORY. It’s very important that everyone makes it out every day the entire time. If you need to miss a little bit or a whole day, please let Mr. King or Rudy know ASAP.

Band Camp runs from 1pm – 8:30pm daily except on Sunday with about an hour break for dinner each day. Snacks will be provided. Bring your own dinner, have a parent drop it off, or bring money if you’re able to get somewhere quickly to buy dinner. Only exception is on Saturday (8/20) when dinner will be provided.

As with the mini-band camps, please help ensure that our students are prepared. It may get hot and they will get tired, so we want to make sure they have something to hold water and are dressed appropriately for physical activity. Below is a short list of everything they will need to have a safe and successful camp. In addition, this Rehearsal Guide was put together to help plan.

Students will need:

  • A LARGE water jug, Sunscreen, hat
  • Dress like a P.E. class
    • Sneakers or running shoes, t-shirt, athletic shorts or pants (no jeans)
    • White shirt to wear during the daytime
    • Black shirt to wear during the evening (shirts do not have to be blank)
  • Their white band music binder and a pencil

Second…Dot Books

Dot books will be necessary to get this year. We apologize for the late notice.

For the new Tiger Regiment members, Dot Books are what students will use to track positions and movements for the field show through the use of “dots” (marking their positions) and writing notes in a small notebook. Generally, these are about 3×5 or larger spiral bound memo pads (about 60-100 pages) that will hang around the neck with a lanyard for easy access during rehearsals (some students have said using a shoestring as a lanyard feels the most comfortable).

We will have simple dot books available to purchase for $1 on the first day of Band Camp. If you plan to make use of this option, please make sure your student comes with $1. You can also find individual ones at your local grocery store or office supply store for a little more. Most find these dot books sufficient. There are also pre-printed spiral bound dot books available from Amazon for $14.99. As of today (Wednesday), Amazon Prime shipments will arrive either Friday or Saturday. (REMINDER: Don’t forget to set up Amazon Smile – go to our website for instructions.

Third…Uniform Fittings Reminder

As discussed in the last meeting, every Tiger Regiment member must schedule a time to be fitted for their uniform. These times are in the morning before band camp on August 15, 16 ,19, 20, and 22. Students should have already signed up. If they haven’t, please have them do so when they arrive at Band Camp on Monday.

As a reminder, you will be required to obtain a pair of Dinkles marching shoes. As a part of the uniform fittings, you will also be fitted for shoes. We have a lot of used and lightly used shoes available or you can purchase new ones. Order forms will be available.

  • New Shoes – $45
  • Lightly used – $20
  • Well loved – $10


Now’s the time to pull out all your unused change, especially pennies, for a war between sections! The following sections will each have their own 5 gallon water container:

  • Woodwinds
  • Brass
  • Colorguard/Drumline/Pit

The containers will be set out each day of Band Camp. The goal is to fill your section’s container with as many pennies as you can. The group with the most points at the end of Band Camp wins and gets a pizza party! 

Except…other groups can sabotage your group by adding other types of coins and bills. Here’s the breakdown of point values:

  • Each Penny = +1 point
  • Nickels = -5 points
  • Dimes = -10 points
  • Quarters = -25 points
  • $1 bill = -100 points
  • …and so on

Help your students have fun with this. It’s a fun tradition and a great fundraiser for the program too!

Lastly…HAVE FUN!!

Keep in mind, while this will be a lot of work, everyone is doing it together! Work hard and have fun. You will be amazed at how much progress can be made in just two weeks.

Parent Meeting – August 16 7PM at the Band Room

Our next parent meeting will be held on the first Tuesday of Band Camp. We’ll have the room open around 6:30pm to set up. Come early to meet someone new!

We hope these meetings have been helpful to those who have attended. This will be an important meeting as we start to really dive into the many activities coming up in the next couple of months.

Important Note Concerning Back to School Days Registration

We failed to mention this at the last parent meeting and by the time we meet next Tuesday, some of you will have already registered your student for the new school year.

Just like other athletic programs, we are required to pay a District Transportation Fee which is paid during registration next week. This is not a part of the family donation as it is paid directly to the district for us to use the district buses on competition days – and any other event where we need to transport the students. We have not been given an amount, but is likely $150 as it was last year. 

Tiger Gear Update

The first batch of orders have been placed and we should have those during the first week of Band Camp. This will apply to those who placed their order with us before August 1.

If you have ordered, but not yet paid, you will receive reminders to get your payment in by the first day of Band Camp.

For those who have not yet ordered, please do so ASAP by going to the Tiger Gear page. We will have samples available at band camp to try on if you need to know your size. Remember that mandatory items include the cap, short sleeved shirt and shorts, all totaling $50 (note that colorguard is not required to get the cap).

Fundraiser Updates

Restaurant Fundraisers

Thank you to everyone who has participated in one or more of our recent restaurant fundraisers. There are more to come and we’re grateful for all your support! Remember to always check our website for the latest updates.

  • Yogurtland:
    • Last fundraiser raised about $70 – not a lot, but every little bit helps!
    • Next fundraiser is this coming Thursday, August 11 from 12pm-9pm – let’s get the word out and push us over $100 this time! As before, they will share 20% of all orders where the Fundraising Flyer is shown. Please check the website for the flyer.
  • JD’s Wingz and Thingz:
    • Scheduled for August 18 from 12pm-8pm 
    • JD’s is located a couple blocks from the school at 117 E Chapman Ave, on the corner of Bradford. Just tell them you’re from Valencia Tiger Regiment!
  • Rubio’s:
    • The latest restaurant night raised $124.53 for the program! 
    • Next fundraiser is coming up on Saturday August 27 11am-8pm 
    • Remember – Tiger Regiment will receive a whopping 30% from all orders where the Fundraising Flyer is shown OR the promo code is entered for Online and Mobile orders
    • PLEASE NOTE: If not ordering in store, the promo code is especially important as it cannot be added after the fact. Please check the website for flyer. 
    • Promo Code: Donate
  • Panda Express:
    • The last event raised $267.45 for the program!
    • Next fundraiser coming up on Tuesday September 6
    • Remember – Tiger Regiment will receive 28% from all orders nationwide!
    • All orders MUST be placed online or through the mobile app using the promo code below. Please check the website for more information.
    • Promo Code: 909357

Business Donation Letter

As discussed at the last parent meeting, we want to encourage everyone to consider reaching out to local businesses and asking for their support of the Tiger Regiment program. All it takes is to make the request and if necessary, the board will be happy to step in to answer any questions they may have. 

Download the Business Donation Letter here

You can print it and walk it into any business or feel free to email the letter. However, please note that in the event a business wants to support us at one of the higher tiers, we need to receive those donations by September 16. 

Thank you for your help!

Upcoming Dates

There are several dates you need to make sure are on your calendar. More details to come for each one in the coming weeks!

  • Tiger Regiment Picture Day – September 24 – tentatively 7-9am
  • Pancake Breakfast (fundraising event!) – September 24 – tentatively 9-11am
  • Heritage Day Parade – October 8 in the morning
  • Parent Preview Night – October 8 in the evening
  • Valencia Classic Field Show – October 15 – ALL DAY – need all hands on deck for volunteers. More to come…

Get Connected on the Band App

We currently have about 150 parents and students connected on the Band App. Thank you to those who have joined in! 

Please be sure to download the app and get signed up. If we can get 100% participation, that can be our best way to get information to every single person connected to the Tiger Regiment. Get connected today!! Download the app from the Google Play or Apple App Store

Then click this link join the VHS Tiger Regiment on BAND

As always, keep checking our website at as that is and will continue to be one of our primary means of communication for the Tiger Regiment. We will continue to use that for all the current information you should need to know for upcoming events, fundraising opportunities, ongoing needs, and so much more.

Executive Board Updates

Our 2022-23 board is just about filled out. We’re excited to bring on three Colorguard VPs and a new Webmaster. Please welcome them to the team! Check out our Contact page for details.

Unfortunately, our VP of Logistics had to unexpectedly step back and so we are in need of someone to fill that role. If you’re interested, please reach out to Brent at

VP Logistics: Responsible for overseeing set up, operations, and tear down at our hosted shows, as well as maintenance and upkeep of all Tiger Regiment equipment, including trailers, equipment carts, electrical and lighting equipment, etc. Works with the board on staffing of events.