Tiger Gear

Tiger Gear is a uniform set of clothing to be worn at specific times to create a cohesive look for the Tiger Regiment and help identify our students at large events. The mandatory pieces are a Black Cap, Blue Shirt, and Black Shorts at $50 (colorguard does not need the black cap). There are optional pieces, at additional cost: Black Long Sleeve Shirt, Black Hoodie, Black Track Pants and a Booster shirt so parents can match the kids!

When will Tiger Gear be used?

-Pep Band – Football games when the band is not marching at halftime or is the away team.
-Off Site Events/Performances/Competitions – When not in full uniform.
-Heat Impacted Days- Any day where the weather is dangerously hot to replace a full uniform for a noncompetitive event.
-Fundraising Events
-Any time we want to show our Tiger Regiment Pride!!!!!!

Tiger Gear orders are no longer available. All students should have already placed their order. If you have yet to place an order, please email Evelyn at vpdrumline@tigerregiment.org and let her know. We will work with you to pay for and receive the mandatory gear. Samples are still available for you to try on if that’s needed.