Fundraising Opportunities

Fundraising is one of the ways that help us to keep our family donation amounts as low as they can be.

This is done through fundraising opportunities that help the entire program. But we also find ways that can help you further offset your family donation itself. With each fundraiser, they will generally go to the overall program fund. If any apply to your family donation or to a particular section, it will be specified. 

For all our restaurant fundraisers, please go to our Dining Fundraisers page for all the details. For all other fundraisers, check our list below. 


Do you shop at Amazon? Of course you do! So do we…but now you can have a percentage of every purchase be donated to Valencia Instrumental Parents!

First, go to and click the Start Shopping button to select us as your charity. That’s it!

From now on, instead of using the regular Amazon link to place your orders, be sure to bookmark and use each time you shop on Amazon.

Do you shop with your Amazon App? To make sure each purchase on the app gets applied to VIP, go into the main menu, scroll down and tap Settings, then tap AmazonSmile and follow the steps to get set up. That’s it!


If you shop at Ralphs and are already signed up with their Rewards program, it’s super simple to enroll Valencia Instrumental Parents as your community organization!

Login to your account at, go to your Account Dashboard and click the Community Rewards link on the left. In the search box, enter our Organization Number: RD229 or type in Valencia Instrumental Parents and click search. In the Valencia Instrumental Parents box that appears, click the Enroll button and you’re done!

Be sure to always use your Rewards card each time you shop and Valencia Instrumental Parents will receive a donation on a quarterly basis.

There will plenty of more fundraising opportunities coming! Check back often for updates!