SCRIP Gift Cards

RaiseRight is a fundraising program that allows you to earn money for your student and the Tiger Regiment Program. Also known as scrip fundraising, you raise money by using gift cards to pay for everyday purchases like groceries, gas, dining out, that morning coffee addiction, even your family’s summer vacation.

RaiseRight is a program that allows band supporters to purchase gift cards from hundreds of retailers and restaurants, including Amazon, Arco, Ralphs, Starbucks, etc.  Supporters get to spend 100% of the amount they paid for the gift card.  The retailer pays the band a percentage of each gift card sold.  The percentage varies, but ranges from 1% to 20%. Explore the hundreds of brands and their percentages.

Family and friends can help by either ordering gift cards from you, or they may set up their own accounts to order directly, being sure to add your student’s name and our enrollment code when creating their account.

It is easy to sign up!  You can order eGift cards 24/7 and use them within minutes of purchasing OR you can place an order for physical gift cards and have them shipped directly to you (there is a shipping fee).

Additional Details

  • The profit generated will be split 50/50 with your student’s family donation account and the band general fund.  – For example: a $100 Home Depot card generates $4.00 profit – $2.00 of the profit is applied to the family donation account and the general fund receives $2.00 credit.
  • Your student’s family donation account will be credited with your Scrip profits monthly (credited the month after the earning month). 
  • Earnings period for the 2022-2023 School Year will run from July 1, 2022 to May 30, 2023. 
  • **June earnings will go to the general fund**
  • You can easily check your RaiseRight Scrip account at any time to see how much profit you have earned.  
  • Other questions? Check the FAQs here:

Signing Up

Download the RaiseRight app on your phone and follow the instructions below. If you go to the website at, the steps are similar.

Select Join a Program and email for the Tiger Regiment group enrollment code.

Create an account with your name, email, and password. You will also input who you are fundraising for – this VERY IMPORTANT

  • NAME = your student’s name

Add Security to your account by creating your security questions and answers, in addition to your phone number to enable 2-step verification.

Begin Purchasing

Set up your payment method with a checking account. You can also add your debit/credit card during checkout (a 2.6% fee will be charged to credit card orders).

Tap or click on the Account icon – go to Settings and select Payment Options – follow instructions to link your Bank Account.

There are 3 ways to purchase Scrip:

1. eCards: You can purchase electronic gift cards through the RaiseRight app and immediately use the card for purchases or send them as gifts for the upcoming holidays.  This is the most efficient way to purchase Scrip since the amount is available immediately without having to wait for the physical card to be delivered.  Not all brands have eCards but RaiseRight is working to get more on the eCard list and should continue to grow.

2. Physical Gift Cards: We will collect order forms, funds, place the orders, and then deliver the cards to you OR you have the option to pay a shipping fee and the physical cards will be delivered directly to your home (this takes about 3 business days).

3. Reloadable Physical Gift Cards: Once a physical gift card is purchased, you can reload them at any point through the RaiseRight app and we get a percentage back each time funds are loaded. This can be very useful for places you frequent often, such as gas stations and grocery stores.